About Me

Hi there, my name is Alianna Sanusi and I was born and raised in Malaysia! I'm a rising digital designer in hopes to achieve my future career goal which is to be successful and happy. I took my BA (Hons) Interactive Media Design at the University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Prior to that, I obtained a Diploma in Creative Multimedia at IACT College, Malaysia. I grew up in a creative family environment where my parents taught me how to appreciate little things such as photography. That's when I gained more interest in arts and learned few tricks on Photoshop since I was 14 years old. Ever since then I began to developed a strong interest in photography and eventually led me to pursue my studies in digital designing.

I can write and speak fluently in two languages!

Throughout my academic years, I have gained more knowledge and enhanced my skills on Adobe and Microsoft software.

Apart from what I do, I also like to watch all kinds of movies especially zombie movies! I love photography and illustration. Whenever I have free time, I like to travel around the world and explore a new environment. I can listen to any kind of music genre from pop to jazz to hardcore metal!


Alianna Sanusi

Digital Designer